Rest in Peace Bragi

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Valhallasun Bragi Norrbottenspets Breed. Passed away Sunday September 22. 2013, 20 years old. We said ” Goodbye ” to Bragi and good wishes for his next journey.

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The land of NORRBOTTEN

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Hello Friends, Look on the right of the map and you will find the land of NORRBOTTEN. The name of the breed NORRBOTTENSPETS comes from. Nordic Hunting Spitz FCI-Standard no.276. Sweden’s National Dog. Lock on the left on the map you fine the land of LAPPLAND. Ware I was born Inger Colins the breeder of […]

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Lazy dog day

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Chapala Mexico Dog Show 2012

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July 2012: CAN. MEX. Champion Valhallasun Kasper-Blackie Owner; Inger Colins Judges; from Costa Rica

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History of Norrbottenspets

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Inger Colins in Laplander, Sweden

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The people is SAMI part of Sweden in the north. Where I come from and the NORRBOTTENSPETS breed. The picture before I was warring a SAMI – Laplander dress. More info about the SAMI part of Sweden can be found on Wikipedia!

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5 Dogs For Sale!

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You can see them here along with their fathers:

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Odin-Rolf and Skalk-Kasper

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Inga-Idun 2: born Aug. 19 2011. For sale!

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Inga-Idun 2 Picture with her mother from 10 days and old now 6 month old. She is the smallest one in all the pictures. Mother: Valhallasun Inga-Idun, whose father is 5 time World Champion Valhallasun Wodin. Wodin put this breed on the top in NORTH AMERICA and Mexico the first World champion

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New Puppies of 2010

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4 Boys and 2 Girl Puppies

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