Is a Norrbottenspets for You?

Because Norrbottenspets are highly intelligent working or hunting dogs by nature, they thrive on some form of regular exercise and a consistent, personal relationship with their owners. The Norrbottenspets is an ideal dog for:

  • Families – young couples without children who are looking for a dog they can easily include in their weekend recreational activities. Also, mature couples who no longer have children at home and are looking for both companionship and security. Note: The Norrbottenspets is excellent with children (rated among the top 10 breeds for gentleness with children). It will guard them and never bite them. However, if a child teases or harasses the Norrbottenspets, its nature is to simply retreat and have nothing more to do with the child, thus the dog may no longer be the playmate pet that was desired or intended.
  • Sportspeople: People who enjoy outdoor sports and activities such as running, hiking, camping, fishing and boating will find that these dogs are easy to take along and eager to participate. They do not stray from their owners nor require pampered accommodations. Furthermore, they are extremely hardy and adaptable to almost any kind of environment.
  • Hunters: Despite their small size, these dogs are extremely courageous, cunning and natural hunters of both small and large game. They have an inbred instinct for hunting and are easily trained for field and foul environments. They have even been used for hunting animals as large as moose.
  • Police/Search and Rescue Workers: According to industry professionals, the highly intelligent Norrbottenspets is, without comparison, the breed most easily trained and well suited to be used as police dogs or for Search and Rescue activities. They learn quickly, bond very strongly with their handlers, and work tirelessly throughout their long lifespan (more than twice that of the German Shepherd or Golden Retriever).
  • Dog Professionals: Being both rare and highly prized, these dogs make very successful show dogs. Therefore, dog professionals have shown a growing interest in the Norrbottenspets and have been taking ribbons with them at prestigious competitions around the world.

To determine whether the Norrbottenspets is the best breed for you, please get in touch with us and we will respond as quickly as possible.