Q. What climate is the Norrbottenspets suited to?

A. Although the breed originated in cold climates, their double-layered coats with its thick undercoating insulates them from extreme heat or cold. Unlike humans, who perspire to cool off, dogs cool themselves by panting.

Q. Does the Norrbottenspets require special care?

A. This breed is exceptionally hardy and seldom experiences health problems. After many years of raising champions, Valhallasun Kennels recommends a Healthy, Natural Meal Diet for optimum health and many years of enjoyment with your Norrbottenspets. Except for a regular brushing to remove loose hair, the breed is very clean and rarely, if ever, requires bathing.

Q. What type of environment is best suited to the Norrbottenspets?

A. By nature, Norrbottenspets are happy and social. They thrive in a setting where they can romp, work, hunt or play hunt alongside their masters. We invite you to complete and send in our Questionnaire so that we can help you determine if you and a Norrbottenspets are an ideal match.

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