Valhallasun Registered Kennels

Over the past two decades, Valhallasun Kennels has become widely known as the pioneering force in introducing Norrbottenspets throughout the Americas. Owner Inger Colins has won numerous titles and awards with her show dogs, including seven World Championships.

Today, Valhallasun Kennels is well known in show circles as a birthplace of champion bloodlines. Inger has trained dozens of Norrbottenspets to the elite level of Search and Rescue, and found homes for a large number of puppies. Through Inger’s single-minded determination, love and affection for the Norrbottenspets, the breed’s rightful and esteemed place in the world is steadily becoming a reality. Valhallasun Kennels was founded by Inger and Zale Colins in 1987, shortly after they left their Swedish homeland and settled in Canada. At that time, Inger was a former fashion model who was designing and importing Icelandic fashions into Canada.

It wasn’t until Inger’s parents gave her a Norrbottenspets (a familiar breed from her northern homeland) that her deep interest in the dogs surfaced. She fell in love with her Norrbottenspets and wanted others to experience their unique qualities and ideal temperament. So, over time, Inger imported ten outstanding bloodlines for her breeding project.

Valhallasun Kennels welcomed its first litter of puppies in Canada in the beginning of January 1990. Inger’s imported dogs became the foundation of almost all Norrbottenspets in Canada, followed by the U.S. and most recently in Mexico, where Valhallasun Kennels is headquartered today. Her first imported dogs and are still happily running around outside her large house near Mexico’s Lake Chapala.