Norrbottenspets make wonderful pets and companions for hunters, sportspeople, professionals, and families.

Welcome to the site of Valhallasun Kennels, the world’s leading breeder of champion Norrbottenspets, the national dog of Sweden. We invite you to discover the outstanding qualities of this little-known breed.

Inger Dog Breeder

Owner Inger Colins has won numerous titles and awards with her show dogs, including seven World Championships. Today, Valhallasun Kennels is well known in show circles as a birthplace of champion bloodlines. Inger has trained dozens of Norrbottenspets to the elite level of Search and Rescue, and found homes for a large number of puppies. Through Inger’s single-minded determination, love and affection for the Norrbottenspets, the breed’s rightful and esteemed place in the world is steadily becoming a reality. Valhallasun Kennels was founded by Inger and Zale Colins in 1987, shortly after they left their Swedish homeland and settled in Canada.

Norrbottenspets, also known as the Nordic Spitz, is a beautiful, rare and ancient breed of dogs. Mistakenly thought to be extinct in 1948, their existence can be traced back to before the Vikings. While most breeds are descendants of the wolf, the Norrbottenspets’ ancestor is the dingo, whose origins have been traced as far back as 5,500 years or more.

Known primarily for their loyalty, courage and intelligence, the medium-sized Norrbottenspets are an extraordinarily hearty, low maintenance, long-lived breed that excels in hunting, sporting and working roles. They are very easily trained to nearly any form of work, including security and search-and-rescue. They are very loving, loyal, clean and odorless, therefore making excellent family dogs.